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Single Channel, Isolated Intelligent GaN Power Switch with Integrated Driver and Floating Power Supply

Isolated Intelligent Power Switch


Under Development


  • Isolated 650V and 10A GaN Switch
  • High Efficiency Combined Si-GaN Driver
  • High Efficiency Floating DCDC Supply
  • Desaturation Fault Detection
  • Accurate Isolated Current Sense
  • Half-Bridge Fail-safe Cross-conduction
  • Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)
  • 4kV Peak Isolation (60s)
  • >200 V/ns Transient Immunity
  • Functional Double Capacitive Isolation
  • 2kV ESD Protection
  • Wide Temperature Range -55°C to 150°C
  • 5V±10% Supply Operation (single supply needed)


  • Switched Power Supply
  • High-Voltage Motor Control
  • High-Voltage Inverters
  • Mobile Fast Chargers
  • LED Lighting
  • Computer Power Supply


The IZI-GaN is a single-channel Isolated Intelligent GaN switch with integrated driver and floating power supply. This device uses VDDTECH’s proprietary double capacitive isolation technology for multiple channels digital and analog isolators and an integrated floating DCDC power supply. It also includes programmable features such as GaN drive strength, desaturation detection and half-bridge cross-conduction dead-time. For half-bridge operation, IZI-GaN includes a fail-safe cross-conduction and optional ZVS feature. All internally needed decoupling capacitors are integrated making the device very easy to use with a true zero-passives BOM.