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4000Vpk, Dual Channel Digital Isolator For Switching Applications

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  • Extreme Pulse Width (10ns, 100Mbps)
  • Low Pulse Width Distortion < 1.5ns
  • Low Jitter <1ns
  • 4000 V Peak Isolation (60s)
  • >200 kV/µs Transient Immunity
  • Functional Double Capacitive Isolation
  • High Electromagnetic Immunity
  • <0.5pF Total Isolation Capacitor
  • 2kV ESD Protection
  • Wide Temperature Range -55°C to 150°C
  • 5V±10% Supplies Operation
  • 8-pin SOIC Narrow Body (3.8mm – 4mm)
  • Carrier-Free Modulation


  • DC-DC Switched Power Supplies
  • EV/HEV Battery Charger
  • High-Voltage Motor Control
  • High-Voltage Inverters
  • Ground/Supply-Noise-Sensitive Applications
  • High-Temperature Environments


The IZL-110 is a dual-channel digital isolator. This device has 1 forward and 1 reverse channels with logic input and output buffers separated by VDDTECH’s double capacitive Silicon isolation barrier. It provides galvanic isolation above 4000 Vpk and can sustain common mode transients larger than 200kV/µs.

VDDTECH’s proprietary modulation technique is free of high frequency carrier for better EMC performances while providing a periodic refresh signal each 250ns in case of steady state input signal. The IZL-110 has been optimized for switching applications. In such cases, the power switches do not toggle while a fast transient event (dV/dt) is occurring. A blanking feature is implemented in IZL-110 making it robust against possible input noise induced by hard-switching events. The IZL-110 is able to transmit short pulses as low as 10ns with low distortion and very low jitter, making it an ideal choice when, for example, extreme conversion ratio (i.e. very low duty cycles) is required as in DC-DC converter applications.


Figure 1: Supply Current vs. Input Data Rate and Temperature.

Figure 2: Propagation Delay vs. Temperature.
Figure 3: Propagation Delay and Jitter at 25°C.
Figure 4: CMTI of +250kV/µs at “low” state.

Demo boards with the IZL-110

  • EVK01

    Isolated high-voltage buck-converter evaluation board.
    It highlights the use of VDDTECH’s IZL-100 digital isolator, IZL-200 error amplifier and NZL-300 transformer driver.