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  • Bandwidth 400 kHz
  • Total Current Consumption (IDD1 + IDD2) < 6.5 mA
  • Stability In Isolated Feedback Applications 0.5 % accuracy
  • Compatible with Type II or Type III compensation networks
  • 4000 V Peak Isolation (60s)
  • >200 kV/µs Transient Immunity
  • Functional Double Capacitive Isolation
  • High Electromagnetic Immunity
  • <0.5pF Total Isolation Capacitor
  • 2kV ESD Protection
  • Wide Temperature Range -55°C to 150°C
  • Reference Voltages: 1.2 V
  • Standard SOIC-16 Package (300 mils wide body)


  • DC-DC Switched Power Supplies
  • EV/HEV Battery Charger
  • High-Voltage Motor Control
  • High-Voltage Inverters
  • Voltage monitors
  • High-Temperature Environments


The IZL-200 is an isolated error amplifier based on VDDTECH’s capacitive isolation technology. The IZL-200 is ideal for linear feedback power supplies. The primary side controllers of the IZL-200 enables improvements in transient response, precision, power density, and stability as compared to commonly used optocoupler and shunt regulator solutions. Unlike optocoupler-based solutions, which have an uncertain current transfer ratio over lifetime and at high temperatures, the IZL-200 transfer function does not change over its lifetime, and it is stable over a wide temperature range of -55°C to +150°C. Included in the IZL-200, is a wideband operational amplifier for a variety of commonly used power supply loop compensation techniques. The IZL-200 allows a feedback loop to react to fast transient conditions and overcurrent conditions. Also included is a 1.2 V reference to compare with the supply output setpoint. The IZL-200 is packaged in a 16-lead wide SOIC package for a 4 kV isolation voltage rating.

Demo boards with the IZL-200

  • EVK01

    Isolated high-voltage buck-converter evaluation board.
    It highlights the use of VDDTECH’s IZL-100 digital isolator, IZL-200 error amplifier and NZL-300 transformer driver.